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Ningbo zhenhai Mingzhu plastic products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 ,which is specialized in plastic products' producing. The company places inportance on technology, management and quality, and harms at the development of high quality plastic products.
The company are making perfection more perfect. With strict qulity control ,the company has developed seven series and five hundred types of products, such as JXCXCFTXPX KXFXZX.
By replacing wood and bamboo with plastic, circulation box are more opinoid. They have all reached the stand of National food sanitation. This kink of products are suitable for scabble business of instrument, drinks, sugar, tobacoo ,meat. They are also suitable for flow of communication, ironware, mechanism, garments, cap, shoes, medicine, chemical, etc.
In order to service better, the company will pay more attention to technology develop and improve the making of the workforce, make full use of advanced equipment.
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